Olympic Champions are inspiring but do you know what it takes to be an Olympic Champion?

adoptanathleteAt the highest levels, a tenth of a second or just a centimetre can mean the difference between gold and silver on the medal podium, or no medal at all. Often times, these margins can be decided by purely economic reasons. Since the margin of victory is usually minute, an innovative training program or an additional competitive opportunity can make all the difference. But many of these “electives” struggle for financial assistance required.

Unlike other elite athletes that receive government aid, it is only through private support that TSFA can give it’s potentially talented young athletes the state-of-the-art equipment and training facilities, elite coaching, and advanced sports medicine. Through the generosity of individuals in the business community we can unearth sporting talent within society.

You will share in the Olympic journey by giving an athlete the resources necessary to be competitive at the highest level, in particular, the Olympic Games. You may select the particular sport in which you choose to sponsor an athlete.

Specifically, your contribution will help cover the following expenses associated with training:

  • Top-level coaching
  • Domestic & international competitions
  • Training expenses
  • Equipment & facilities
  • Physiotherapy/Medical aids

On an even more personal level, your gift will impact the day-to-day life of a potential champion.


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