How to apply

Applications can be sent in throughout the year although the availability of awards is limited so it is highly recommended that you submit your application as soon as possible.

We regret we are unable to accept applications by fax or by email. The Learning Revolution Trust will require you to provide us with a few details of your own circumstances so that these can be used in case studies in their marketing materials. The Learning Revolution Steering Group will make decisions about your application and their decision is final with no right of appeal. You will be notified of the outcome of your application in writing.

Learning Revolution Trust Awards in partnership with TSFA 2015/2016

Athlete Support Application Form

Please complete this application form in full :

The information on this form contains your personal data. TSFA will record, process and hold your personal data in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

Terms and Conditions

A. Duration Support Period shall be deemed to have commenced on the day of the approval to the one year from the date of approval , but may be terminated in accordance with the provisions of Clause G. B. Benefit of Support TSFA Athlete support offers services and benefits including Club Support, Physiotherapy, Subsidy to participate in Sporting qualification courses of various NGBs, Training Equipment, TSFA Kit and Free or discounted access to training facility of TSFA partners subject to the approval from such partners. C. Code of Conduct i.    The Athlete agrees to conduct him or herself in a proper manner at all times while participating in TSFA and its any Commercial Partner activities. Further, the Athlete agrees that for the duration of the Support Period he or she will use your best endeavours to project a favourable image of your sport and TSFA, including the maintenance of high personal standards of behaviour and appropriate standard of dress when representing your sport and/or TSFA and its any Commercial Partner and should avoid acting in such a manner that may bring yourself or your sport into disrepute. ii.    Bullying, unacceptable language, dissent and general bad behaviour will not be tolerated. iii.    Athlete to make a positive commitment to supporting and achieving the aims and objectives of the TSFA. iv.    Athlete shall comply at all times with the rules and constitution of your sport and the code of conduct/ethics that has been agreed or recognised by your NGB. v.    refrain from the excessive consumption of alcohol and refrain from the consumption of any alcohol during all training and competitions, except with the express prior permission of the Team Coach; vi.    keep TSFA informed of any change of circumstances that may affect the Athlete’s ability to train or compete; vii.    keep TSFA informed of any changes to the Athlete’s personal circumstances, such as any change in mobile phone number, email address, passport details or any change of permanent residential address and, in respect of periods when the Athlete is outside the country training or competing, any temporary overseas address; viii.    You will make all reasonable efforts to co-operate with coaches, team mates and staff who represent TSFA. This includes letting your coach know if you are going to be absent or unable to take part in a competition or event. C. Anti-Doping The Athlete hereby acknowledges that his or her right to receive the support benefits is conditional on the Athlete remaining fully compliant with all applicable Anti Doping Rules, regulations and requirements of your National Governing Body, your International Federation, UK Sport and all other parties that have jurisdiction over you in anti-doping matters (“the Anti-Doping Rules”) including the World Anti-Doping Agency and its current list of Prohibited Substances and Methods (as amended from time to time). D. Use of Image The Athlete agree to allow TSFA and/or Official Partners to use, both during the Term and in perpetuity thereafter,your name, image, likeness, nickname, signature, voice, logos or biographical information in order to promote TSFA and/or the Official Partners. In particular, you agree that TSFA shall be entitled to use, both during     The Term and in perpetuity thereafter, any footage, attributable quotes, material or content featuring you, your participation in TSFA and with the TSFA Sponsors in order to promote TSFA and/or the Official Partners. E. Appearances The Athlete agrees to engage in at least of TWO (2) full days of Appearances in any days of the support Period. Appearances may include any of the following; i)    activities associated with the promotion of the TSFA; ii)    Commercial Partner motivational sessions at conferences or workshops and staff family sports events; iii)    General promotion of the Commercial Partner’s involvement in the sport; iv)    Commercial Partner grassroots scheme events and photoshoots promoting such events. F. Recognition of TSFA support You agree that during the Term and for a period of one year thereafter, whilst participating in any promotional activities for a TSFA, programme or body other than TSFA, you will use your best endeavours to ensure that you are introduced and referred to as a ‘TSFA supported athlete’ in relation to that activity in media (TV, Radio, Print, Web) .You shall refrain from making critical or adverse comments regarding TSFA and your sport to the media. G. Amendment, Suspension and Termination Provisions G.1.TSFA may either terminate your support immediately or suspend its obligations by notice in writing to you upon any terms and for any period as it may in its absolute discretion determine and in either case stop the provision of any or all services and benefits if: a)    in the reasonable opinion of TSFA you fail to use the services, benefits and facilities available to you as a TSFA athlete to fully develop as an athlete in accordance with your Sport National Framework; b)     within the period of the support you fail to comply with or otherwise breach any of the terms and conditions of this support; c)    if you are investigated or suspended by your NGB in connection with any doping offence or alleged doping offence under the rules of the NGB and/or the rules of any other relevant authority including, without limitation, the international governing body; d)    in the reasonable opinion of TSFA, any of the assurances given or the representations contained within the application or other documents submitted by you to your NGB and/or TSFA either prior to or after the date of the support are or were fraudulent, materially incorrect or misleading; e)     you do any act or thing or make any statement which in the reasonable opinion of TSFA might cause TSFA, its Official Partners, yourself or your sport to be brought into disrepute; f)    if you cease to be a fully participating member of TSFA due to sickness, injury, change in personal circumstances, or other incapacity lasting for more than three consecutive months. G.2.You may terminate this support by notice in writing to TSFA if TSFA commits a material breach of this support and (in the case of a breach capable of remedy) fails to remedy such breach within 30 days of receipt of written notice of such breach. In so far as permitted by law: (i) you shall have no further right or remedy available to you (including claims for financial loss or damages) other than termination and (ii) in any event neither party shall be able to recover any loss, damage or expense against the other in excess of the amount of the support benefits. H. For any compliant/request/information please write at TSFA, Room No Y012, NCFE, Welfare Road, London E15 4HT or Call 020-82574505 or email: