Once youngsters are identified into the foundation our team provide help, advice and financial support to create a great pathway to combating many social health issues as well as healthy exercise through a mentoring process.

The TSFA will work with parents to look at the different backgrounds of its youngsters. Through this process the Foundation will help improve social behaviour. Whilst this process is ongoing the youngsters are further recommended and encouraged by our coaches to join a sports club to help them enjoy their sport, meet new people and help breakdown the social and health barriers that effects young people today.

The TSFA priority is not based on finding champions, however many of the  youngsters who have been identified with having a particular talent by our sports coaches have now gone on to become county champions and national title holders for their age group whilst continuing in further education through the aid and support of the foundation. In addition our sports coaches are growing increasingly confident that many more youngsters are likely to win national titles for their age group in the near future.

Our Athletes


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The Tessa Sanderson Foundation And Academy Provide A Healthy Path Through Life For Youngsters And Adults

Our Mentors/Coaches

Densign White

Judo Coach

Tony Jarrett

Former Commonwealth/European Gold medalist 110mh

Richard Gyesie

Former Banker and UKA fully qualified sports coach

Julian Golding

Sprint Coach

Tyrone Andrews

Football Coach

Shu Xuan

Table Tennis (disabled and non disabled)

John Johnson

Tennis- TSFA Tennis Academy-West Ham Park