Jaspreet Sagoo – ARCHER


Jaspreet is 16 years old. She lives in Newham and travels to train outside the Borough as well as using the space in her backyard with a self built archery range to assist her. Over the last three years Jaspreet has competed in 40 competitions in her age group and has won them all. She has competed in the London Youth Games and was also the winner of the Tessa Test against a known archer representing Talk Sport and was featured in 2012 in the local Newham Recorder. Jaspreet is a student at Langdon School Newham and studies very hard. Last year she came top in her age group in the UK.

Jaspreet won the Essex Indoor Championship for the second time in March 2013.

Jaspreet is a very talented youngster but unfortunately her sport incurs vast costs in order to succeed. Jaspreet’s next competition shoot is Malta international FITA star and has world record status. This is an excellent opportunity for her. Costs for this competition and others like it will include archery equipment, travel and accommodation, outdoor training equipment for home practice and specialist coaching. Given the right opportunity and support she can become the next best British Archer.

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