TSFA ELITE® is a new nutritional and conditioning sports and exercise training brand of our academy.

Tessa was a TEAM GB Ambassador for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games and is the Founder of The Tessa Sanderson Foundation & Academy.

Tessa Sanderson CBE is a 6 Times Olympian and winner of a Gold Medal at the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles. She is currently still the only British Woman to ever win an Olympic throwing Gold Medal.

Tessa is also a 3 time Commonwealth Gold Medalist and has been awarded the MBE, OBE and in 2004 was awarded the CBE for her services to Sport.



TSFA ELITE® is a fitness & exercise schedule which provides men and women the necessary programme and techniques to progress in their chosen sport or exercise requirements.

  • Members upon choosing their preferred sport are ability tested; this consists of certain drills, an aptitude reaction test and techniques to assess how the body reacts to their sport.
  • Stamina test (which may or may not include running a certain distance within a certain set time)
  • Strength and conditioning is developed and monitored at all times in- order to assist the body to give maximum impact when called upon.

TSFA ELITE® Mind & Body A precautionary process by which our clinical physicians screen all members to establish the state of their body for intense training schedules, helping to uncover any health issues or injuries.

TSFA ELITE®Nutrition This is a scheduled workshop with our partners where the aim is to inform, educate and prescribe how and what to consume in-order to achieve an inside out healthy balance.

  • Time of eating
  • The importance of sleeping
  • The inclusion of correct vitamins to assist a healthy and natural diet
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TSFA ELITE®Leadership is a health and fitness package for corporations providing management and staff with the necessary advice and techniques to stay fit and healthy. The programme consists of 1- 3 weekdays maximum or weekends beginning Friday, Saturday and Sunday (depending on venue and programme).

  • This can be conducted either at our clients place of business or at any of the TSFA training venues in the UK or at our partners wonderful activity resort centre in Barcelona Spain.
  • One Olympic sport would be included in the day combined with leadership, confidence building, setting goals and achieving techniques.
  • A special guest is invited to share experiences.
  • A detailed Q&A session to answer those hidden thoughts
  • An obstacle course with competitive designs devised to be inclusive of all participants offer a winner’s trophy.
  • Special goodie bags and surprises will carry the name of the client/organisation
  • Lunch (if away from the normal office setting e.g. in a park setting or sports venue )

Our very experienced Olympic standard coaches will translate confidence to help motivate you towards achieving realistic goals.






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