The Tessa Sanderson Foundation and Academy work with youngsters of any nationality who are living in the UK and wishing to create a positive pathway in life through sport whilst they are still in education.

The TSFA have created a unique youth sport programme in the London area for disabled and non-disabled youngsters to enjoy all sports with an opportunity to participate at a higher level without jeopardising quality of learning in education. TSFA encourage youngsters not only in sport but that education is as important. The programme covers many important areas within the health and social issues of modern day life. For example:


  Education and Mentoring.

Self Esteem and Respect for people

Life Skills

Sportsmanship and Healthy Living


TSFA works by talent identification and recommendation.

With its group of experienced sports coaches TSFA often works with teachers and visiting schools. With this unique programme, all youngsters will engage in discussions about sport, their peers, nutrition and their daily lives.

The age group starts from 5years upwards particularly in tennis. For all other sporting activities 12years to 23years.  TSFA works with local authorities and local sports clubs to provide facilities for training and to assist whenever possible towards competition travel expenses, Physiotherapy, and Training Equipment, equally to help find and prepare its members in seeking employment.

In addition to expert coaching and training of young people TSFA incorporate sporting events which provide a much needed source of revenue in helping to fund its members and encourage them to excel to the next level. Evidence shows that mentoring and being a member of TSFA has already achieved success with several members reaching University or a national junior level in their sport.

TSFA Events:

Newham 10K Classic

West Ham Park Run. (Enjoyed by the local community)

East London Half Marathon.

(April every year)

Summer Camp for Youngsters

The Tessa Sanderson Foundation Dinner. (Fund raising)


TSFA Sport Talent Search

This is carried out in a number of ways and with TSFA Academy coaches.

  • Any half day after school hours
  • Half term or summer break
  • During the School Assembly
  • Early morning before school hours

The coaches will then be able to allocate or recommend any of those talented youngsters to become a member of The Tessa Sanderson Foundation and Academy and to join a suitable sports club in their area.  This allows any young person who only wants to join in sport for fun to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle and to make lots of new friends.