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The Tessa Sanderson Foundation And Academy Provide A Healthy Path Through Life For Youngsters And Adults

My pride, my joy, my dream
This is my story, the story of one dream fulfilled and another that I am still chasing.

Our Coaches, Our mentors”

Our sports coaches are growing increasingly confident that many more youngsters are likely to win national titles

Welcomes anyone of any age group who wants to simply be our friend and supporter

we are TSFA

The Tessa Sanderson Foundation and Academy will create a unique youth sport programme in the London and Outer London area for disabled and non disabled youngsters to enjoy all sports with the opportunity to participate at a higher level.To act as a resource for young people providing advice as a means of helping to utilise the skills they learn at TSFA.

TSFA have a structured programme developing life skills, mentoring and monitoring of young people wanting to achieve a confident pathway to bettering themselves in society. The TSFA works in partnership to provide funding, care, advice, goods or assistance to individuals and others who may require help with their development.

TSFA will advance the education of sport in young persons, their teachers and others who work with young people.

[/weare][question title=”Athletes and Coaches.”]The experienced coaches working under The Tessa Sanderson Foundation and Academy are already nurturing several youngsters to reach Olympic levels in the near future.


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